Law Alumna Shares Internship and Career Advice

Alumna Erin Kerl shares her tips for students in the legal field
Erin in the UMKC courtroom

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Erin Kerl ’16

UMKC major: Juris Doctorate
Current job: Attorney

What did you most appreciate about UMKC?

I most appreciated the dedicated faculty and staff. I had a wonderful experience and could get help from anyone any time I needed it. Professors were always there for educational and emotional support. People in the library were more than eager to help with legal research needs. And best of all, the computer services people even brought my computer back to life!

Favorite thing to do while you were a college student?

My favorite thing was meeting friends for happy hours. Kansas City has so many delicious eateries and it was always wonderful to save a few dollars by meeting up when the prices were less. Plus, just sitting and enjoying my friends’ company brought down the stress levels from school.

“Professors were always there for educational and emotional support.”

If you had an internship during college, how did it help prepare you for your first job?

During law school, I interned with both the Kansas Federal and Missouri State Public Defender offices. Both positions gave me great insight into the pre-trial and trial processes, how to carefully review case files, and how to talk with clients. I was also able to become more comfortable in courthouses before actually working in one.

Best career advice you’ve received?

The keys to a successful career are maintaining a positive reputation and networking with fellow attorneys to build strong relationships in the legal community.

What advice do you have for students entering your field?

You don’t know what you don’t know, but you can figure it out! (That’s most of lawyering.) Be honest if you don’t know the answer to a question, and ask for help if you really need it. You can always find an answer with the right set of tools!


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Published: Mar 8, 2019