Hop in to Betty Rae’s for New UMKC Flavor

Shop’s new sensation is Roo Blue!
Chancellor Mauli Agrawal enjoying the first scoop of Roo Blue Swirl

A partnership with a favorite local business is proving a sweet success.

Betty Rae’s, a local ice cream shop, has created a UMKC-inspired flavor dubbed the Roo Blue Swirl. The shop’s owner, Alec Rodgers, graduated from the Henry W. Bloch School of Management in 2020.

Rodgers himself placed the brand new sign in the ice cream case.

“Less than two years after graduation, I’m already a small business owner. That’s the kind of impact UMKC has and what Roo Blue Swirl really represents,” Rodgers said “We’re honored to be partnering with UMKC to create something for the university community, making their campus experience even more enjoyable.”

“UMKC’s continued involvement with small businesses and the overall community in Kansas City encourages students and alumni to engage with local businesses in effective partnerships.”

The Roo Blue Swirl is blueberry and lemon ice cream with crumble cookie mixed in.

Elora Thomas, director of admissions at UMKC, was thinking of a sweet treat she could offer new students when inspiration struck.

“I love Betty Rae’s ice cream!” Thomas said. “So, when I saw that Alec, the owner, was a UMKC alum, it made me even more excited to support this local business. I reached out to Alec and suggested the idea of a UMKC-themed flavor. He also saw the potential, not only with incoming and current students, but with staff, faculty and alumni as well. UMKC is such a community gem, and this is a great opportunity to reveal that while also giving back to Kansas City.”

Rodgers gives Chancellor Agrawal the first scoop of Roo Blue Swirl.

Of course, the most important question is what flavor would do this great university justice?

“The Roo Blue Swirl combines lemon and blueberry with a buttery crumble throughout.” Rodgers shares. “The flavor is delicious and embodies the great colors of UMKC.”

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