5 Top Spots to Hang Out on the UMKC Campus

Students and alumni share their favorites
A view looking up at the Student Union rooftop

Whether it’s to study, relax or catch up with friends, students need a good place to hang out.

Fortunately, UMKC has no shortage of good spots. Whether you need quiet, food or awe-inspiring views, these students and alumni can give you the lowdown on their favorite places on campus!

1. Student Union Rooftop

“I like the Student Union. There is a great view of the campus and it's a nice place to relax and people watch between classes.” - Alea Roberts (Health Sciences, ’22)

“The Student Union for studying, food and the rooftop viewing of KC.” - Anna Lillig (Health Sciences, ’19)

students on the union rooftop
 2. Student Union Offices

“I spend a lot of time in the Student Union. I either go to our organization space to study or to the Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) office just to hang out!” - Jonny Gutierrez (History, ’19)

“The Multicultural Student Association office. It’s a fun place to hang out with a diverse group of interesting people.” - Brandon Henderson (Political Science, ’21)  

student union exterior
3. School of Dentistry Student Commons

“The UMKC School of Dentistry sign is an iconic spot to take photos with your classmates on milestone days like your first day of school, last day of class or white coat ceremony.” - Molly Petrie (Doctor of Dental Surgery, ’22) school-of-dentistry.jpg

4. Linda Hall Library Grounds

“By the Linda Hall Library. I walk through this area when I’m leaving the Student Union and heading to the quad. I love the big trees and the benches. It’s very peaceful over there, which can be hard to find sometimes.” - Kiarra Brown-Edwards (Communication Studies, ’19)

Bench and greenery on campus
5. Miller Nichols Library and Learning Center

“I love a good study session on the first floor of the Miller Nichols Library. Easy printing, access to the Robot cafe, relatively quiet and I usually bump into a friend or two!” - Bryce Miller (Master's in Health Professions Education, ’20)


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