2021 Dean of Students Honor Recipients

Eleven students recognized for scholastic performance, community leadership and service

Graduating students who have excelled in both academic achievement and service may be nominated as a Dean of Students Honor Recipient. 

“Every semester, it is our pleasure to host a breakfast in celebration of the accomplishments of the Dean of Students Honor Recipients.  While this semester has been a bit different, we wanted to continue this tradition by virtually celebrating your achievements,” shared Co-Interim Dean of Students Keichanda Dees-Burnett. [watch the video]

This program recognizes the exceptional students who maintain high scholastic performance while actively participating in University and community leadership and service activities outside of the classroom.

“You are an exceptional group of people.  Despite the demands of family, work and studies, you made time to give back to the community.  When you saw a need, you worked to fill it.  You are humanitarians, leaders and philanthropists and you should rightfully be proud of yourselves,” said Co-Interim Dean of Students Todd Wells. [watch the video]


Saniya “Sunny” Ablatt – School of Medicine [watch the video]

Mojtaba Mark Abnos – School of Biological and Chemical Sciences [watch the video]

Abdulmajeed Baba Ahmed – School of Computing and Engineering [watch the video]

Charles Burke – School of Medicine

Sarah Duggan – School of Law [watch the video]

Varsha Muthukumar – School of Medicine [watch the video]

Isabella Nair – School of Medicine [watch the video]

Ginikachukwu Osude – School of Medicine [watch the video]

Saloni Patel – School of Pharmacy [watch the video]

Daphne Posadas – Bloch School of Management [watch the video]

Emily Rackers – Conservatory and Honors College [watch the video]

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