KCUR Features Conservatory Faculty Who Are Up for Grammy Awards

The 2022 Grammy Awards are set to air Jan. 31

The 2022 Grammy nominees have several ties to the UMKC Conservatory. Sandbox Percussion, a quartet comprised of UMKC Conservatory resident faculty members, received two nominations for their album, Seven Pillars. The quartet includes Ian David Rosenbaum, Jonny Allen, Victor Caccese and Terry Sweeney. 

2020 Conservatory Alumni Achievement Award recipient Andrés Salguero and his wife, Christina Sanabria, were also nominated for Best Children’s Music Album. 

Additionally, professor and pianist Alon Goldstein contributed to a nomination for producer Steven Epstein, whose nomination includes a composition by Goldstein.

KCUR featured KC nominees in a recent piece, which you can read here.

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Published: Nov 29, 2021

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