About Us


The mission of the Department of Residential Life is to promote student learning by creating inclusive and safe environments that foster student success both personally and academically. We recognize the importance of fostering unity and understanding within a community while celebrating the individual. As a department, we are committed to creating and supporting environments of education and growth where all people are treated with dignity and respect. To meet this goal, the Department of Residential Life will:

  • Become an integral part of the university community through partnerships with academics and student affairs.
  • Integrate students’ living and learning environments by connecting academic experiences to the social environment in support of the educational goals of students and the university.
  • Provide a safe, clean living environment where students are active members of a community in which they know and value each other.
  • Create programs and/or interactions that provide leadership opportunities that challenge students’ social and personal development.
  • Provide staff development opportunities which enable Residential Life to be a workplace of choice.

Diversity statement

The Department of Residential Life at UMKC welcomes our students into a diverse campus community where differences are to be respected and celebrated. The Department of Residential Life calls each of us to share and learn from our respective culture, religion, race, gender, language, nationality, dialect, sexual orientation, learning challenge, physical challenge, socioeconomic condition, class, ethnicity, physical appearance, educational level and family structure. When we embrace each member of this community, we enhance our potential to discover all that we can, and we create for ourselves a process for a lifetime of learning.

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Residential Life Business Office
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