Community (Non-Degree Seeking) Student Application Process

If you're a community member who wants to take a class, this is the application process for you.

As a community student, you will enroll as a non-degree seeking student.

Although you won't receive financial aid from UMKC as a community student, you will have access to academic advising depending on your program.

1. Contact your academic program.

  • Check out our list of undergraduate and graduate programs, then contact your academic program about your next steps. 
  • These programs do not allow community students: Dentistry and Pharmacy.
  • If you are interested in the following programs, please contact them to find an advisor who can help determine program eligibility and your next steps. 
    • Henry W. Bloch School of Management
      Learn more about continuing education at the Bloch School.

    • Conservatory
      The Conservatory requires an audition for students taking performance classes. If you're just looking to take music lessons, check out the Community Music and Dance Academy. For information on continuing education, please contact 816-235-2741,

    • School of Science and Engineering
      SS&C Student Services Center
      Phone: 816-235-2399

      The School of Science and Engineering also offers continuing education professional programs.

    • School of LawSchool of Law courses may be attended on an audit basis without academic credit or for non-degree credit by lawyers who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree, but who desire to increase their knowledge in specialized or changing fields of law. Ordinarily, non-lawyers and non-law students may not audit law courses. (Audited courses may not count toward a law degree.) Individuals seeking to audit classes at the School of Law must obtain permission to register in any law classes from the associate dean (Room 200, 816-235-1644) and the registrar of the School of Law (816-235-1688) before applying.

      Attorneys desiring CLE credit can learn more from the School of Law continuing legal education 

    • School of Medicine
      Learn more from the School of Medicine Office of Admissions or contact them directly at 816-235-1870 or

    • School of Nursing and Health Studies
      Paola Fernandez, Graduate Program advisor
      Phone: 816-235-6277

      Georgia Campbell, Graduate Program advisor
      Phone 816-235-1740

      Lauren Newcomer, BSN program (PL & AT) advisor (A-K)
      Phone 816-235-5768

      Jennifer Lyles, BSN program (PL & AT) advisor (L-Z)
      Phone 816-235-6252

      Christian Cooper, RN-BSN program advisor
      Phone 816-235-1710

      Learn more about continuing education at the School of Nursing and Health Studies

2. After talking to your academic program to determine eligibility, complete the UMKC general application.

Submit the UMKC general application for admission for visiting/community students. If misrepresentations are found, UMKC reserves the right to rescind offers of admission.

UMKC Application

3. Submit any additional documentation.

  • Students who are permanent residents need to send a copy of the front and back of their Permanent Resident cards ("green cards").
  • Students who are refugees or are present in the United States based on asylum status need to send a copy of their I-94 that shows either the Refugee or Asylum status stamp.
  • DACA students must submit the I-797 form. 
  • You can send documentation via mail:
    • UMKC Office of Admissions
      Atterbury Student Success Center 
      5000 Holmes Street, Room 101
      Kansas City, MO 64110