Diane Filion Center for
Advancing Faculty Excellence

Evidence Based Practices for Teaching and Learning


Identified Teaching Strategies


Academic Engagement



  • Tara Allen 
  • Brian Hare 
  • Christopher Madden 
  • Julia Snyder 
  • Karyn Turla – Faculty Lead 
  • Nancy Twillman 


These summaries were developed during the 2023-2024 academic year.


This faculty learning community was tasked with identifying, summarizing, and displaying various evidence-based practices in teaching and learning. The learning community was developed in response to a need identified in the Peer Observation Program. In many instances, reviewed faculty would inquire about teaching practices that might address some of their challenges in the classroom. This project was initiated to provide some of those resources. 

Technique Summaries: 

The group has identified and summarized 19 strategies. Each summary includes: 

  • the author of the summary 
  • the purpose of the technique 
  • when best to use the technique 
  • a description of the teaching practice 
  • links to sites that summarize the technique for various uses 
  • the author's personal experience with the technique 
  • a list of references 

The techniques have been divided into three categories. 

  • Assessment 
  • Academic Engagement 
  • Enjoyment 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the author of the practice if you have any questions: 

Karyn Turla (turlak@umkc.edu)