The following information is often requested by patrons of UMKC's General Use Student Computer LabsFrequently asked questions about printing in the labs can be found on the Labs Printing FAQ.

To log on to the computers in the IS-managed general student computer labs, follow these steps:

  1. Click the mouse or press any key on the keyboard.
  2. Read the information screen presented and click on "OK".
  3. Type your UMKC Username in the "user name" box and your password in the "password" box.
  4. Click on the arrow to the right of the user name and password boxes.


To log off from the computers in the IS-managed general student computer labs, follow these steps:

    1. Right click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen.
    2. Browse to "Shut down or sign Out".
    3. Select "Sign out".

Be sure that you sign out of your computer to protect your email and data files.

To preserve the security of your account, if you are idle for more than 15 minutes, the system you are working on will automatically log you off. You will receive a pop-up box notification message before this happens which gives you 3 minutes to cancel the automatic log-off.

UMKC uses Microsoft 365 for Education as the official email program for the University. Full information on this service can be found on the UMKC email website.

The Microsoft ProPlus software is available to enrolled UMKC students free of charge through your Microsoft 365 account. Only currently enrolled students have access to this free software. Full information is available on Microsoft 365 OfficeProPlus

 To access your Q: drive storage space, follow these steps:

  • Left click on the Windows Icon in the bottom left, then select the "Q Drive" tile from the Start Menu.

Note: saving files to locations other than the Q: drive may result in the file being lost when you log off of the lab computer.

Students receive 500 MB of storage space on the Q: drive.

Information on accessing shared drives from home can be found on the Virtual Private Network website.

To access your student records, sign up for classes, pay fees, and more, use the following website: UMKC Office of the Registrar.

There are no facilities for sending faxes from the labs.

Search for library materials via the main search box on the UMKC Libraries websiteFor assistance using the library catalog, please speak with Miller Nichols Library personnel at the First Floor Services Desk of the library, or call (816) 235-1526.

If you are having problems in any of the public labs please contact one of the Lab Student Assistants for help.

If student assistants are unavailable in your lab you may also contact the UMKC Technology Support Center for assistance.