What We're Looking Forward to in Returning to Campus

UMKC students excited about returning to pre-pandemic life
A woman in a blue shirt is jumping in front of a large light-up sign that reads 'I <3 UMKC'

After spending the last year distanced, virtual or masked we're looking forward to returning to normal campus life in the fall. Here's what a few of our fellow Roos had to say.

Being back on campus

"I'm looking forward to finally being back on campus and interacting with my fellow Roos!"

-Krithika Selvarajoo '21


a large group of students stand in front of a blank white wall
Karl Manoza and other students pictured at an event promoting mental health awareness held by the student organization Asian Students in America.

In-person events

"I'm most excited about attending in-person events that organizations host throughout the year. I remember my freshman year in 2019: events were so much fun, and I met some amazing friends along the way. I am part of many student organizations on campus and I really enjoy being involved in the UMKC community and participating in a multitude of events."

-Karl Manoza '23

two students wearing blue shirts stand behind a light up sign that reads 'I <3 UMKC'
 Marcus Thieu and two other students celebrate UMKC Commitment Day. Photo by Brandon Parigo

Walking to class

"As simple as it sounds, I've missed the ability to enjoy the fresh air while walking around campus. Walking between campus buildings is a basic luxury I've missed after spending this last year on Zoom."

-Marcu Thieu '22

Feeling connected

"When I'm in-person for school, I feel so strongly connected to my community. I look forward to getting that feeling of connection back! I look forward to sitting with small study groups in the library in-between classes and coffee dates with my friends on campus."

-Kylie Bias '23

Meeting old friends, making new

"I cannot wait to study with my friends at the library. Every time I am there, I run into someone old and someone new. We start by catching up or sharing what we are studying. Then, that turns into a minutes-long conversation with not much studying but that's what college is about — meeting people from all over."

-Ansel Herrera-Garcia '23

Published: Jun 28, 2021
Posted In: Student Life