Petition for Refund

Need to petition for an exception to the refund policy? Get all the facts here.

Registration and Records and the Committee on Fee Assessment and Residence are charged with the responsibility of considering and approving exceptions to the published educational fees refund policy. Any change in assessment can only be adjusted to a rate already established. The deadline for submitting a petition for refund exception is 30 days past the end of the term for which the exception is sought.


How do I submit a petition?

A petition and all pertinent written documentation must be submitted in writing to the Registration and Records Office within 30 days of the end of the term. In cases of incapacitation, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Refund Petition form (PDF)

Minimally, each written petition must be dated and include the student’s name, address and phone number, student ID number, signature of the student, statement describing specifically what is being requested and for what term, statement of any extenuating circumstances, why the request should be honored, and supporting documentation of the events described.

All petitions must be submitted to the Registration and Records Office and must meet one or more of the following criteria to be considered and approved:

  • Written documentation of an illness, accident, injury, or situation which could not be influenced, planned for, or prevented by the student and which subsequently caused a change in the class schedule, thus changing the assessment. This provision specifically excludes conditions or chronic illnesses that remain static and are known to the student at the time of registration as well as situations that involve a student's employment.
  • Written documentation of substantiated circumstances involving deadlines where a student has in good faith relied on information provided by a named University official, or the official’s interpretations of the text of a University document or publication, and was consequently misled or mistaken about its terms.
  • In individual cases and when it is in the best interest of the student and the institution, the designated official in the Registration and Records Office may grant an exception that is not stated in the criteria elsewhere.
  • Generally, failure to complete a registration transaction via Pathway will not be grounds for consideration of an appeal. Students are ultimately responsible to verify that registration transactions are completed.

Decisions are rendered by the designated official in the Registration and Records Office and will be based solely upon any and all pertinent written documentation.

Decisions will only address whether an adjustment of charges will be made. Grade assignments and other academic issues are not within the scope of the procedures and should be addressed to the dean of the school.

Notification of a decision will be made in writing.

Additional refund petition information

MD Program students unable to complete an entire semester of coursework due to leave of absence, withdrawal, or separation from the School of Medicine may request an adjustment of the education fee through Registration and Records.  The amount of the education fee adjustment is based upon the date of course withdrawal and how the coursework coincides with the University semester schedule.

  • Students withdrawing from coursework coinciding with the UMKC semester schedule follow the UMKC policy for refunds for semester-based courses.  More can be found on the Cashiers Office website.
  • Students withdrawing from coursework not coinciding with the UMKC semester schedule, such as four-week and eight-week courses, may request an education fee adjustment for any courses not attended due to leave of absence, withdrawal, or separation.  The UMKC Registration and Records Office will review the request for an adjustment and prorate the education fee at one-thirteenth (1/13) of the annual School of Medicine education fee for each four-week block of non-attendance.  Students enrolled for more than 5 business days of a four-week block or 10 business days of an eight-week block will be charged for the full block. 

An education fee adjustment can impact a student's financial aid and loan status.  For instance, UMKC may be required to return a portion or all of the federal financial aid received, which could cause the student to have a balance with the University.  The student is strongly encouraged to meet with the UMKC Financial Aid Office and the School of Medicine Financial Literacy Counselor to review the impact of a request for an education fee adjustment prior to submitting the request. 

Students may only request an education fee adjustment in cases of approved leave of absence, withdrawal, or separation as determined by the School of Medicine.  The request for educational fee adjustment must initially be submitted by the student to the School of Medicine Council on Evaluation for review and approval.  The Council of Evaluation will then submit the education fee adjustment request to the Registration and Records Office in conjunction with the Council on Evaluation approved leave of absence, withdrawal, or separation documentation.

School of Medicine fee adjustment petition (PDF)

Students may appeal a decision rendered by the Registration and Records Office on a requested tuition adjustment by writing to the Committee on Fee Assessment and Residence. Such a request, including details and supporting documentation, should be addressed to:

Committee on Fee Assessment and Residence
5115 Oak St.
Administrative Center, Room 336
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499.

Upon written request, a student may appeal the initial decision of the Registration and Records Office.

Appeals of this decision should be in writing and include as many details as possible.

Appeals should be addressed to: 

Committee on Fee Assessment and Residence
Rockhill Rd
Administrative Center, Room 120
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

The committee meets monthly and decisions are made according to the committee’s meeting schedule.

When a student dies prior to completing the current academic semester, the designated official in the Registration and Records Office will authorize a full refund of educational fees for the current semester.

Any refund will be made payable to the administrator or executor of the estate of the deceased student.

Documentation of student death should be submitted to:

Division of Student Affairs
5100 Cherry Street
Student Union, room 310
Kansas City, MO 64110


Students who are called to active military duty when their activation conflicts with the current academic semester dates will be refunded full educational fees if they completely withdraw from all courses.

Adjusted refunds will be given if you are awarded for some courses and not others.

Students must present a copy of their military orders to Registration and Records.

Depending on the time of the student’s activation, the student is advised to consult with their faculty members in regards to academic issues and grading for completed work.