Registration Policies

We know it can seem like there are a lot of policies and processes for being a student at UMKC, so we've tried to make it easy and gather all you need to know about registration in one place.

While these policies and procedures focus on all you need to know about registration, there are other policies it is important for students to be aware of while attending UMKC. Check out some of the other sites referenced here to better understand all of these policies and processes.

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Important UMKC Registration Policies

Are you a traveling scholar? Follow these simple steps with the Traveling Scholar Program Request Form to make sure you get your credits.

Traveling Scholar Program Request Form (PDF)

  1. Complete the top part of the form.
  2. Secure the signatures of the major advisor and graduate dean.
  3. Take the signed form to Registration and Records and enroll in the course.
  4. Pay applicable fees at the Cashiers Office and secure a “Paid” stamp on the form from this office.
  5. Return the form to the home graduate dean’s office for processing.
  6. The home graduate dean’s office will send the form to the host graduate dean’s office, which will secure the remainder of the required signatures
  7. The host graduate dean will send a copy to:
    • The student
    • The home registrar
    • The faculty member offering the requested course
  8. The faculty member will retain the form(s) until the course is completed, enter the grade on the form, and mail the signed form to the host graduate dean’s office:
    UMKC School of Graduate Studies
    5115 Oak St
    Administrative Center 300F
    Kansas City, MO 64110
  9. Upon receipt, the host graduate dean, will duplicate copies and distribute them to:The student
    • The major advisor
    • The home registrar. The home registrar is responsible for entering the course, credits, and grade on the transcript.
    • The home graduate dean

Beginning Summer 2014, graduate students who wish to enroll in undergraduate courses, regardless of how these courses count towards a graduate degree program, will be required to complete the Undergraduate Course Authorization Form. 

Undergraduate Course Authorization Form (PDF)

These changes are necessary to ensure UMKC's Financial Aid and Scholarships Office is administering financial aid correctly in relationship to degree applicable coursework and eligible coursework for financial aid. This enrollment procedural change is required for all graduate level students.

Here is a quick summary for how the undergraduate course authorization form will work:

  1. Courses that are not part of the approved plan of study cannot be completed at the graduate level.
  2. Course levels:
    • 300 and 400 level courses that are approved for the plan of study will apply to the graduate career
    • 300 and 400 courses that are not approved for the plan of study cannot count as degree applicable work towards the graduate GPA or degree
    • 100 and 200 level courses cannot apply to the graduate career and cannot count as degree applicable work towards the graduate GPA or degree
  3. All courses regardless of level will be assessed the graduate rate of tuition.
For more information regarding how undergraduate courses can count towards graduate degrees, please refer to the policy in the UMKC Graduate Catalog: General Graduate Academic Regulations: Graduate Courses and Grading Policies.

The Office of Admissions, in coordination with UMKC Central, processes all non-degree applications which are commonly referred to as visiting students.  Visiting students apply to take classes as undergraduate or graduate students. The level of the students (undergraduate or graduate) determines the fees associated with the class and the type of credit that will be awarded.

Visiting student will have until the university census date of each semester to make a request to change their enrollment degree level status.  Changes requested after the university census date will not be approved.  Students who request a degree level change after the start of the term and prior to the university census date will be charged a $50 late registration fee.

In some situations, it is important that records or holds preventing certain actions be maintained in student records across the four campuses in the University of Missouri System.  For instance, if a student is sanctioned with University Dismissal, University Suspension, University Expulsion or other sanctions/agreements that extend beyond a given campus, a mechanism to enforce such agreements or sanctions is needed.  More information can be found in the UM System Collected Rules and Regulations.

A university/system-wide service indicator or hold may be placed within the student information system (e.g. PeopleSoft) that will enforce the policy.  These are placed and removed by authorized individuals on each campus and will automatically be added or removed from impacting students on all campuses.