Academic Policy Library

Our policy library contains the full text of official policies approved by the university as a resource for faculty, staff and students. The policy library is not comprehensive and does not include links to unit-level policies and procedures. The UMKC Academic Policy Task Force and leadership may review and update policies at any time. When that happens, the committee notes the last update on the policy.

Policy Name Date Revised Tag(s)
Academic Course Approval Policy N/A Curriculum Management, Courseleaf, Course Proposal, Course Revision, Course Approval
Academic Program Review Policy N/A APR, Program Review, Accreditation
Specialized Accreditation Policy Accreditation, specialized, programmatic
Academic Program Approval Policy Fall 2022 Curriculum Management, Courseleaf, Program Proposal, Program Revision, Program Approval
Prerequisites and Co-requisites Policy prerequisite, co-requisite
Online Course and Instructor Certification May 2022 to include QCR Process online course, online synchronous, online asynchronous, hybrid, blended, instructor certification
Academic Teaching Credential Policy Academic Teaching, Credential, Teaching Credential
Co-Listed Graduate/Professional and Undergraduate Courses Policy N/A Co-Listed Courses, Co-Listed Course
Designation of Upper-Division Undergraduate- and Graduate-Level Courses Upper-Level Courses
Course and Program (Delivery) Equivalency Policy N/A online course, Offering course online, Offering program online, online program
Cross-Listed Course Policy Cross-Listing, Cross-Listed
Course Lifecycle Policy Lifecycle of course, Lifecycle report, Course Inventory
Academic Amnesty Policy Spring 2019 Amnesty
Graduate Withdrawal for Financial Delinquency Policy withdrawal, graduate, financial, delinquency
Graduate Time Limit on Degree Credit for Master's and Educational Specialist Degrees Policy time limit, degree credit, masters, education specialist
Graduate Thesis / Dissertation Preparation and Approval Policies Spring 2019 thesis, dissertation, formatting
Academic Calendar Policy Fall 2010; Fall 2011; Spring 2012 Academic Calendar, UMKC Calendar, Calendar
Graduate Thesis / Dissertation Embargo Policy Spring 2019 thesis, dissertation, embargo, restriction
Graduate Program of Study Policy Spring 2019 graduate, program of study, degree requirements
Graduate Probation Policy Spring 2019 graduate probation
Academic Credit Hour Equivalencies Policy N/A Credit Hour Equivalencies, Equivalencies
Graduate Post-Baccalaureate, Non-Graduate Student Classification Policy graduate, post baccelaurate, post-baccelaurate
Academic Load Policy (Undergraduate) Spring 2018 Course Load, Full-Time Load
Graduate Master's Degree Transfer Credit Policy masters, transfer credit
Graduate Master's Thesis Policies Spring 2019 masters thesis
Administrative Drop Policy 11/2013; 8/2016; 11/2022 Dropped From Classes
Graduate Master's Degree Qualifying Examination Policy Spring 2019 masters, qualifying, exam
Admission to Programs with Previous Degree Admission, Previous Degree, Admittance
AP Research / AP Seminar Course Policy N/A AP Scores, AP Course, AP Seminar
Attendance Policy Summer 2002; Fall 2011; Fall 2016 Class Attendance
Graduate Master's Degree Program of Study Policy Spring 2019 masters, graduate, program of study
Auditing Courses Policy N/A Course Audit, Audit
Awarding Posthumous Degrees N/A Posthumous
Cancellation of Enrollment for Financial Delinquency N/A financial, Enrollment Cancelled, Delinquent
Graduate Master's Degree Advisor / Supervisory Committee Policy Spring 2019 thesis, masters, masters research, advisor, supervisory committee
Changes in Degree Requirements Policy N/A Discontinue Degree, Modify Degree, Change Degree Requirements
Graduate International Student Policies Spring 2019 enrollment, international, health insurance, english proficiency
Class Waitlist Policy N/A Waitlist, Course Closed
Graduate International Student Instructor and Teaching Assistant Policy Spring 2019 international, teaching
Graduate Ineligibility Policies Spring 2019 petition, academic probation graduate, re-enrollment
Classification of Students Spring 2011 Student Classification, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Classification
Common Course Scheduling Course Schedule
Graduate Full-time and Half-time Policy enrollment, full-time, half-time, gta, gra
Graduate Foreign Language Proficiency Policy Spring 2019 graduate, foreign language, proficiency
Graduate Final Master's Competency Examination Policy Spring 2019 Masters Competency Exam
Graduate Exceptions Policy graduate, Petitions
Graduate Dual Degree Policies Dual Degree Graduate
Concurrent Enrollment Policy N/A simultaneous Enrollment
Graduate Doctoral Transfer Credit Policy March 17, 2017 Doctoral Transfer Credit
Constitution Requirement Policy N/A Constitution Course, Constitution
Graduate Doctoral Residency Requirements Policy Spring 2019 Graduate Residency Requirement
Course Evaluation SB389 N/A Course Evaluation
Graduate Doctoral Qualifying Examinations Policy Spring 2019 Doctoral, Qualifying Exam
Course Numbering and Reuse Policy N/A Course Numbers, Course Numbering
Graduate Doctoral Programs of Study Policy Spring 2019 graduate, degree requirements, Doctoral, Program of Studies
Graduate Doctoral Program Time Constraints Policy Spring 2019 Doctoral Program Time Constraints, Progress Toward Degree
Credit for Military Training Spring 2010 Military Training, Military, Military Credit, Armed Forces, Armed Forces Credit
Graduate Doctoral Dissertation Policy Spring 2019 dissertation, Dissertation Defense
Graduate Doctoral Comprehensive Examination Policy Spring 2019 Doctoral, Comprehensive Exams
Graduate Doctoral Advisor / Supervisory Committee Spring 2019 Committee Chair, Doctoral Advisor, Disseration
Graduate Credit for Continuing Education Courses Policy Spring 2019 graduate, Continuing Education
Graduate Course Withdrawal Policy Spring 2019 Withdrawal From Graduate Course
Graduate Course Restrictions for Undergraduates Policy Spring 2019 Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses
Credit for Prior Learning Policy N/A Prior Learning Credit, AP, IB, CLEP
Credit/No-Credit Option Policy N/A Credit, CR, NC, No Credit
Graduate Course Grading Policies Spring 2019 graduate, gpa, Grading Scale
Graduate Course Designation Policy Spring 2019 graduate, Course Designation
Dean's List Policy Spring 2011 Academic Performance, Academic Excellence, Deans List
Graduate Course Audit Policy Spring 2019 Audit Graduate Course
Declaration of Major Policy N/A Undeclared, Declare Major
Graduate Course Addition Policy Spring 2019 graduate, Late Enrollment, Course Addition
Graduate Continuous Enrollment Policy graduate, Continuous Enrollment
Graduate Application for Graduation Policy Spring 2019 Graduation, Graduate Application, Application for Graduation
Graduate Admissions Policy Spring 2019 Graduate Admissions, Graduate Studies
Electronic Grade Change Policy Fall 2012 Grade Change
Graduate Admissions Categories - Non-Degree Seeking Students Policy Spring 2019 Graduate Admissions, Graduate Studies, Non Degree Seeking Graduate
Exit Exams Policy January 2019 Exit Exam
Graduate Admissions Categories - Degree Seeking Students Policy Degree Seeking Graduate, Graduate Admissions, Graduate Studies
Schedule of Classes Data Requirements Policy schedule of classes, data requirements
Final Exam Policy N/A Final Exams
Grade Appeal Policy Summer 2012 Grade Appeal
Grading Policy Spring 2018 gpa, Grading Scale
Incomplete Grades Policy Fall 2018, Fall 2021 incomplete grade
Writing Intensive Course Policy wi, writing intensive, roowriter, wl
Junior‐Senior Hours Policy N/A junior-senior level, upper level, division, coursework
Undergraduate Residence Requirements Policy Spring 2014 undergraduate, residence requirement
Late/Retroactive Withdrawal Policy Fall 2017 petition, late, retroactive withdrawal
Latin Honors Policy Fall 2012 latin honors, summa cumlaude, magna cum laude, cum laude
Undergraduate Official Withdrawals Spring 2012 course withdrawal, class withdrawal, official withdrawal
Undergraduate GPA Policy undergraduate, gpa
Leave of Absence Policy N/A leave of absence, re-admission
Math Placement Policy N/A math placement, ap credit, ib credit, mymathtest, aleks
Minimum Hours Policy N/A minimum hours, undergraduate degree requirements
Undergraduate Course Withdrawals Fall 2017 undergraduate, course withdrawal, class withdrawal
Minor Policy N/A minor, Academic Minor
Multiple Major-Multiple Degree Policy Fall 2011, Fall 2021 double major, triple major, multiple degrees
NR Grades Policy N/A not reported grades, nr
Undergraduate Course Drops Spring 2012 undergraduate, drop class, drop course
Undergraduate Course Adds Spring 2012 undergraduate, adding a course
Undergraduate Academic Probation Policy academic probation, undergraduate
Privacy Policy N/A ferpa, privacy of student records
Registration Policy N/A registration, enrollment
Repeated Courses and GPA Adjustment Policy Fall 2013; Spring 2018 gpa adjustment, repeated courses, recalculation gpa
Time Limit on Degree Credit Policy N/A time limit, degree credit
Transcripts Policy N/A transcripts, official transcripts
Transfer Credit Policy N/A transfer credit, course equivalency
Tuition Assessment Policy N/A general education rate, base program rate, differential program rate, tuition assessment, academic program rates, undergraduate
Faculty Engagement Policy Faculty Engagement