Specialized Accreditation Policy

  • Policy Number: KC‐ACA‐3650
  • Date Issued: July 2019
  • Last Modified: Jul 27, 2023
  • Effective Date: N/A
  • Approved By: Provost
  • Sponsor(s): Provost
  • Responsible Office(s): Provost

Policy Statement

A number of UMKC’s academic programs and units seek specialized accreditation, also known as programmatic accreditation. Specialized accreditation provides verification that a program or unit within the university meets specific professional or disciplinary standards of quality. The specialized accreditation process typically involves providing evidence that the program or unit meets those standards and a peer‐review process to verify the standards are met. Conferral of accreditation demonstrates that the program or unit successfully prepares students for advancement in the field. The Office of the Provost maintains a directory of specialized accreditations held by UMKC’s academic programs and units.

Conferral of specialized accreditation reflects not only the quality of the accredited program or unit, but also of the institution in its entirety. In order to ensure that the information contained in the self‐study report and associated documents accurately represents the university as a whole, as well as its specific programs or units, the

  • self‐study reports and supporting documentation must use data that is provided and validated by from Institutional Research, Administration and Finance, Faculty Affairs/Human Resources and the Office of Assessment;
  • individuals preparing self‐study reports and supporting documentation must work closely with staff in the Office of the Provost during the drafting of the reports and documentation;
  • the draft self‐study must be submitted to the provost for review at least 45 days prior to the deadline for submission to the accrediting body. The self‐study report must be approved by the provost before it is submitted to the accrediting body. Some self‐study reports or other documents for specialized accreditation require the chancellor’s signature. In such cases, the self‐study reports and associated documents must be reviewed and approved by the provost prior to submission for the chancellor’s signature; and
  • further, the Office of the Provost maintains UMKC’s files of official documents and reports related to institutional and specialized accreditation. Copies of accreditation documents issued by the university and any of its programs or academic units, as well as those received from accrediting agencies, such as self‐study reports, interim or annual reports, peer‐review team reports, notification of accreditation status and related correspondence, must be submitted to the Office of the Provost for inclusion in the official archives and accreditation files.

Reason for Policy

  • To ensure that information contained in self‐study documents concerning UMKC, including but not limited to, its mission, faculty, students, staff, finances, facilities, official data, as well as information specific to the academic program or unit seeking accreditation is current, comprehensive, and accurate.
  • To ensure appropriate coordination and collaboration between academic units and university administration.
  • To ensure that all official documents and reports related to accreditation are maintained.

Who Should Read this Policy?

Faculty, deans, department chairs, program directors and academic administrators.

Instructions, Procedures and Related Information

The self-study report and other accreditation documents should be submitted to:

Office of the Provost
Administrative Center
5115 Oak Street Office 300G

or, electronically to: provost@umkc.edu


Office of the Provost

Administrative Center
5115 Oak Street Office 300G
Kansas City, MO 64112

Email: provost@umkc.edu

Telephone: 816-235-1107



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