Registration and Records

Traveling scholars program

  1. Open the Traveling Scholar Program Request Form (PDF)
  2. Complete the top part of the form
  3. Secure the signatures of the major advisor and Graduate Dean
  4. Take the signed form to the Registration and Records Office and enroll in the course
  5. Pay applicable fees at the Cashier’s Office and secure a “Paid” stamp on the form from this office
  6. Return the form to the Home Graduate Dean’s Office for processing
  7. The Home Graduate Dean’s Office will send the form to the Host Graduate Dean’s Office, which will secure the remainder of the required signatures
  8. The Host Graduate Dean will send a copy to:
    • a. The student
    • b. The home registrar
    • c. The faculty member offering the requested course
  9. The faculty member will retain the form(s) until the course is completed, enter the grade on the form, and mail the signed form to the Host Graduate Dean’s Office, UMKC, School of Graduate Studies, 5115 Rockhill Rd., AC 300f, Kansas City, MO 64110
  10. Upon receipt, the Host Graduate Dean, will duplicate copies and distribute them to:
    • The student
    • The major advisor
    • The home registrar. The home registrar is responsible for entering the course, credits, and grade on the transcript.
    • The Home Graduate Dean.


Traveling Scholar Program Request Form (PDF)

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Registration and Records

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