We hope you enjoyed your stay with Residential Life. Please review the information below to ensure your move-out process is efficient and any unnecessary charges are avoided.

Special note regarding move-outs prior to the end of the academic year: Contracts for both the residence halls and the apartments are for an entire academic year. Students who need to leave the facility prior to May will need to go through the contract cancellation process and receive approval prior to moving out.

Move-Out Deadline: Saturday, May 11th, 2024 by 12:00 PM

Prior to Move-Out

Information regarding move-out is distributed to students after spring break. Staff will host wing meetings and town halls to discuss move-out expectations, and flyers will be posted throughout the facilities. Additionally, the information will be distributed via social media and highlighted on bulletin boards. Despite the dissemination of move-out expectations, we recognize questions may still exist – please don’t hesitate to call or email Residential Life if that’s the case.

Too much stuff?

Students can accumulate a lot of stuff throughout the year. If applicable, we advise utilizing spring break to take a portion of your personal items home in order to alleviate stress during move-out.

Typically, there are also several collection bins across campus in which students can donate books, clothes, or other items prior to move-out. Keep your eyes peeled for these drives and make a difference in your community!

Finals and quiet hours

Because it is an academically intensive time, there will be continuous (24-hour) quiet hours in all halls and apartments beginning at midnight on the Saturday before finals week. This means there should be little to no noise throughout the building, as during the regular quiet hours. If students are loud during continuous quiet hours, staff members will record this as a noise policy violation.

Residential Life continues to follow up with policy violations during and after finals week. If the policy violation is severe, there is a potential for immediate removal from the apartments or residence halls during finals week.


Because weather can often have a significant impact on your travel plans, please be sure you’re planning ahead and that you know what the weather is expected to be like here in Kansas City, at your final destination and everywhere in between. If you’re driving, consider checking the online interstate weather forecast and take appropriate cautions for the type of weather you’ll be driving in. If you’re flying, check with the airline before you leave to see if they anticipate any issues with your flight. For information about air travel and security checkpoints, visit the TSA website.


Check-out and cleaning

Before you can check out, your room must be clean, your trash must be taken to the dumpster and all of your belongings must be moved out. If a student staff member arrives to check you out and your room is not empty and/or your room is not clean, they will not start the check-out process. Failure to be prepared to check-out may result in potential late and/or improper check-out fees. Also, students who do not check-out properly will be assessed a substantial improper check-out fee, in addition to potential charges for damages. Students who do not complete their check out before the specified deadline will be charged a late check-out fee and lock change charge and will be evicted from their space.

There are two options for move-out: formal check-out and express check-out. If you opt for a formal check-out, you must make an appointment with a staff member in advance. The staff member will use your inventory sheet from move-in and will walk through your room in order to assess it for any damages. Although formal check-outs may take longer, you will be able to provide explanations regarding any condition changes that may exist.

If you opt for an express check-out, you will visit the front desk of your building and use an express envelope for check-out. You will fill out the necessary information, place your keys in the envelope, seal it and drop it in a designated location. This process is very quick, but students who use this method are unable to appeal any damages.

Damages and Appeals

If you had damages in your room upon move-out, you will receive an email to your UMKC email address outlining the expected cost for repairs that will be added to your student account. If you selected a formal check-out, you have the ability to appeal if you feel the cost is unfair or otherwise questionable. Students who opted for an express check-out are unable to appeal.

The email with the damage cost will outline how to submit an appeal, and it is important to adhere to any deadlines highlighted. Late appeals will not be reviewed.