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Transferology is a free, nationwide program that lets you estimate how your credit hours will transfer to UMKC.

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Transferology will assign your credits one of three categories

  • Yes will transfer These courses will transfer to UMKC as an equivalent course or an elective. For some courses, Transferology may report a unique sequence of letters and numbers (for example: BIOLOGY 1YC - Biol Elective LE). These courses do not have a UMKC equivalent course, but fulfill a degree requirement and are accepted as electives.
  • Maybe will transfer — These courses have never been officially evaluated by UMKC, and there is no record of them having a UMKC equivalent. These courses will be officially evaluated when an application for admission is submitted and an official transcript is provided. Email us your list of courses for an evaluation.
  • Will not transfer  These courses have no equivalent course and will not transfer to UMKC.