Unofficial Degree Audit

Follow these steps to see how your credits will apply to a UMKC degree.

Before tackling major-specific coursework at UMKC, it is important for transfer students to understand how they will meet their general education requirements. All UMKC undergraduate students complete general education requirements. At UMKC, there are three ways transfer students can fulfill this requirement.

Students who complete an Associate of Arts (or approved Associate of Science) degree from any regionally accredited institution, or a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution before transferring, have fulfilled UMKC's general education requirements.

UMKC Essentials, the new general education program beginning Fall 2020, engages students and faculty in teaching and learning through critical thinking, tackling challenging problems and exploring a variety of disciplines.

Foundation courses

  • Written communication (two courses)
  • Oral communication
  • Math pathway
  • Constitution

Essential Questions (EQ) courses

  • First semester experience
  • Critical thinking (three courses)
  • Culture and diversity
  • Civic and community engagement

EQ courses are unique to UMKC; there is no transfer credit equivalent to complete these requirements at another institution

Transferring from a Missouri institution

Talk with your academic advisor about completing Missouri CORE 42 before your transfer.

Transferring from an institution outside of Missouri

Use Transferology to see if your courses transfer into any of the UMKC approved CORE 42 courses (Excel).

Program exceptions to CORE 42

Students who complete CORE 42 will meet the general education requirements for most liberal arts and sciences degrees at UMKC. However, general education requirements for some degrees — including education, music and nursing — differ due to professional licensing and other requirements. For these programs, it is not to the student’s advantage to complete the CORE 42 curriculum because CORE 42 likely adds hours to the student’s individual plan of study to complete their UMKC degree.

To avoid adding time and cost to the student’s UMKC experience, transfer students are encouraged to complete the UMKC Essentials for these programs.

  • Dance, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Arts
  • Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts
  • Jazz Studies, Bachelor of Music
  • Music Education, Bachelor of Music Education
  • Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (pre-licensure program)
  • Performance, Bachelor of Music (all instruments)

Learn more about CORE 42

You can easily create a free Transferology account to input all of your credits and see how the courses may potentially transfer to UMKC.

Get your Transferology report

Your credits may fall into one of three categories.

  • Yes, will transfer. These courses will transfer to UMKC either as a UMKC equivalent course or an elective. For some courses, Transferology may report a random sequence of letters and numbers (for example: BIOLOGY 1YC - Biol Elective LE). These courses do not have a UMKC equivalent course and fulfill a degree requirement, but they are accepted as electives.
  • Maybe will transfer. These courses have never been officially evaluated by our UMKC Registration and Records and academic units. There is no record of the courses having a UMKC equivalent. These courses will be officially evaluated when an application for admission is submitted and an official transcript is provided. You may email your list of "maybe" courses to the Transfer Student Center for a more professional unofficial evaluation of the credits.
  • Will not transfer. These courses will not transfer to UMKC or have no equivalent course.

After seeing how your credits will fulfill the general education requirements, see what major-specific courses you've already completed by pulling up the overview for your intended academic program from the UMKC Course catalog.

Find your academic program

If you've been admitted to UMKC and have submitted official transcripts, you may try to run your own official degree audit by using PlanMyDegree or connect with an academic advisor. For more information, go to Admitted Students.