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Enrollment Confirmation Deadline Extended

The UMKC priority confirmation deadline for Fall 2024 has been extended to May 15 to allow for FAFSA processing.

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Our online and hybrid programs give you the flexibility to fit learning into your busy schedule without compromising the quality of your education.

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Student Services

Online learners have access to the same student support services as students on campus.


We can help you with an accommodation plan if you need help taking notes or accessing a student program or service.


Tutors from Academic Support and Mentoring provide one-on-one tutoring to help you with your assignments and note-taking.

Writing instruction

Instruction and resources for writing and rewriting your assignments and papers from the the Writing Studio.

Financial aid and scholarships

Estimate the costs associated with your desired degree and get help paying for them.

Help With Your UMKC Accounts

Instructions for setting up and using our technology and online apps.

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We've put our most popular apps and campus information all in one place — MyRoo portal. Search by category or mark your favorites, MyRoo is your connection to the services and resources you need to succeed at UMKC.

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