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UMKC Leadership Development Program

UMKC Leadership Development Program 

The UMKC Leadership Development Program (LDP) seeks to bring together faculty from across the UMKC campuses to strengthen leadership skills within the university setting, build and strengthen relationships across units and roles, and increase their capacity to transform lives. This prestigious program that affirms the vital role of faculty leaders and seeks to enhance their leadership competencies within the academic setting.Participants will gain a greater awareness of self- and others, share and discuss leadership concepts, strategies, and perspectives, apply leadership concepts via case studies and discussions, connect with other leaders, build community, and grow a network and learn to lead more effectively in the context of current higher education today. 

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Current participants include: 

Kristin Barber, Kylie Barnes, Rebecca Best, Samuel Bouyain, Thiagarajan Ganesh, Lance Godley, Viviana Grieco, Sungyop Kim, Brenda Linares, Timothy Lynch, Brandon Mcwilliams, Mark Nichols, Johanna Nilsson, Leigh Salzsieder and Keerthana Satheesh 


The UMKC Leadership Program is offered every other year and will be offered next in the  

AY 2025-2026.