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Mid-Career Faculty Learning Community

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Mid-career Faculty Learning Community (FLC)


An FLC is a peer-led group of faculty members who engage in an active, collaborative program, structured to provide encouragement, support and reflection. Through the Mid-Career FLC, faculty members will engage in scholarly conversations about mid-career faculty development.

FLCs are inclusive spaces where members exchange experiences, ideas and strategies about faculty life as a mid-career academic and reflect on their roles as educators. Faculty have a significant voice in shaping the program based on their own needs, skills, and goals.

Mid-career faculty often find themselves at a place where future career goals are less defined and questions about how they want to spend their future in academia emerge. While there is no one definition of mid-career, it is often considered to be the period of time after one has earned promotion and/or tenure and before one starts to prepare for retirement. For many faculty, this is a significant number of years and is oftentimes the longest and most productive period of a faculty member’s career. Faculty often perceive the mid-career period as a time accompanied by both feelings of relief after earning promotion and/or tenure and increased workload and higher expectations. CAFE is sponsoring a faculty learning community (FLC) for those that consider themselves to be mid-career faculty at UMKC or want to learn more about mid-career faculty life. In this faculty lead FLC we will discuss all things mid-career. We will have seven meetings throughout the 23-24 academic year resulting in an individualized plan for future growth and development. Selected participants will receive a $500 stipend for their participation and are expected to attend all seven sessions. Collectively as a group, we will select the days and times of these meetings. Meetings will be held in person and via Zoom. 

A faculty facilitator will lead the FLC with logistical support from Lorie Holt.

The Mid-Career FLC supports faculty success by providing faculty an opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the university and engage together in professional learning. All UMKC faculty members, regardless of tenure status, are encouraged to participate in the Mid-Career FLC.