Financial Information

Financial Arrangements

Review all cost estimates listed on your UMKC I-20 or DS 2019.

  • These estimates are the minimum projections — actual costs vary.
  • The tuition amounts reflect full-time enrollment (12 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students and nine credit hours per semester for graduate students) for Fall and Spring semesters only. You may choose to enroll in more courses; however, that means higher total tuition costs.

Do not expect or depend on financial aid or part-time employment to meet your educational expenses. On-campus employment is competitive and is not guaranteed.

Payment of Fees

  • All fees are due and payable to the university at the date determined by the fee schedules. A minimum payment option is available for students unable to complete payment in full by the first due date of the semester. You may arrange a payment plan with the Cashier's Office.
  • The University does not require payment in full at enrollment. However, students are required to make monthly payments toward their outstanding balance over the course of the semester. You can view the payment schedule here.
  • If your bill for tuition and mandatory fees should be sent to a government sponsoring agency or institution, please submit your sponsor's financial guarantee letter to the Cashier's Office and to ISAO by the first payment deadline.

Questions about fees or your bill? Contact the Cashier’s Office.

Financial Aid and Awards

  • University-funded financial aid is limited, and the aid that does exist through the UMKC Financial Aid and Scholarship Office may only be eligible for US citizens and permanent residence through US Federal financial support. However, some of the UMKC competitive scholarships may be available for international students. Explore opportunities through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.
  • The most substantial financial support at UMKC is available as an academic scholarship awarded at the time of admission or for graduate students in the form of graduate assistantships, for which international students are not considered until after a semester or a year of study at UMKC.
  • International students awarded graduate assistantships that include teaching responsibilities must satisfactorily complete an English language screening and training program before undertaking teaching assignments. Learn more about funding opportunities through the School of Graduate Studies.