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We are building a UMKC community in which we support each other, learn from each other and grow together. Deans, department chairs, program directors and other administrative leaders are able to foster this environment with the university's many supports.

Program Success

Assessment helps faculty enhance student learning

Instructional Design and Technology

Instructional Design and Technology

An important element of UMKC’s overall mission is to create a vibrant learning and campus life experience that meets the educational needs of a diverse student population. Through its strategic plan, UMKC recognizes eLearning as an important component of its overall educational strategy and that online learning provides one pathway to meet these needs. The mission of UMKC Instructional Design & Technology is to promote and support quality online programs and courses that meet nationally recognized standards and to foster a vibrant eLearning campus community for all students, faculty, and staff.

UMKC Online learning resources


Planning, Analysis and Decision Support

Planning, Analysis and Decision Support has an ongoing responsibility to affect change and learning by adding value to institutional data and information. This unit is an effective change agent, manager of data, creator of accurate and reliable decision support information, and facilitator of student learning assessment. The unit strives for integrity, accuracy, and responsiveness as well as being service oriented to meet the needs of our constituents.

Facts and figures to help with decisions


Budget and Planning

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Budget Rules, Roles, and Responsibilities

Resource Investment Model Design

Fiscal Responsibility UM System Policy


Forms, Tools and Policies