Partnerships and Program Agreements

UMKC partners with domestic and international institutions through exchange programs and agreements that promote collaboration. These agreements are critical to developing globally competent citizens who understand the diverse and rapidly changing global nature of business, politics, the arts, research, the environment and health.

Domestic Partnerships and Agreements

UMKC forms relationships with other domestic colleges and universities through course-by-course equivalency agreements, program transfer maps/guides and memoranda of agreement regarding specific programs.

Transfer equivalencies

Transfer equivalencies constitute our promise to honor courses transferred from other institutions by having academic departments review those courses for the best match at UMKC. Transfer courses will be shown to be equivalent to particular UMKC courses or be given credit in other ways, including elective credit or general education credit.

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Transfer guides

We provide our most common transfer partners with guides to help their students find the most efficient way to transition to UMKC. These guides are organized by institution and then by program. They show students what to take during their first four semesters at their first institution and their final four semesters in their program at UMKC.

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Articulation Agreements 

Our agreements with some institutions include very particular curriculum and program partnerships that take best advantage of how students can complete their degrees at UMKC. These partnerships are the product of close study between our two institutions regarding how students might combine the opportunities at both schools to achieve their degrees in a timely fashion.

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Explore Our International Partnerships

Review our list of international program agreements (PDF)or use the map to learn more about the partner agreements we have with other institutions around the world.

Learn More About Program Agreements

Explore different types of program agreements and learn more about the processes that allow the provost, deans and vice provosts to approve new agreements.

Types of program agreements

Creating international program agreements