Grade Appeal

We strive for academic transparency, communication and fairness. Our instructors establish criteria for grades and evaluation of student academic performance. It’s the responsibility of students to meet these requirements. Grade appeal is available only for the review of allegedly capricious grading. A formal appeal procedure will determine the validity of the claim.

Before starting the grade appeal process, we recommend seeking guidance from your academic advisor. If you elect to begin the grade appeal process after speaking with them, please follow the steps on this page, which are also outlined in the Academic Catalog.

Step 1) Discuss Your Grade With Your Instructor

This discussion must take place within six weeks after the beginning of the succeeding regular academic semester.

Step 2) Appeal at the Department Level

If you and your instructor are unable to resolve the issue, refer to your unit-specific grade appeal procedure, which will explain how to continue your appeal at the departmental level. Unit-specific grade appeal policies can be found on the Grade Appeal Policy page. If you don't see the policy for your unit listed there or if instructions are unclear, reach out to your department chair for further information.

Step 3) Appeal to Your Academic Dean

If the matter is not resolved at the departmental level, you can appeal to your academic dean in accordance with your unit’s appeals process. The dean will communicate their decision to you, your instructor and the department.

Step 4) Appeal to the Provost as a Last Resort

If the matter is not resolved within your school or college, you may appeal to the provost as a last resort. You must make your appeal within 10 consecutive calendar days of receiving a decision from your dean.

At this point, the provost or a designated representative will review the full record of your case and appeal documents. The provost may also appoint an ad hoc academic appeals committee to review your case and provide advice.

The provost will communicate their decision to you, your instructor, the department and the dean of your school or college. The provost’s decision is final.

Student Grade Appeal to the Provost form (PDF)