An international experience can be an important part of your academic plan. Your advisor can help you decide which Study Abroad program helps you fulfill your elective credit requirements.

Your Academic Plan

Programs span from one to six weeks, a full semester or even an academic year. The length of time you spend abroad will depend on your particular needs and goals, your financial resources and the limits placed on you by your academic program at UMKC.

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Meet With Your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor may have suggestions for Study Abroad programs that best fit your major or minor and can help you find courses that transfer back to UMKC. Saving elective courses for your time abroad is wise. With careful planning, you can remain on track to graduate in four years and still study abroad for a year.

Your advisor can also help you plan for enrolling in courses on campus after you return from your program.

UMKC Credit

Some programs focus on a particular field of study while others offer a general curriculum. Most students are able to fulfill graduation requirements and maintain progress toward their degree while studying abroad.

Through our office, students remain enrolled at UMKC and receive UMKC credit. You may earn credit toward your major, general education credit or elective credit.

Students work with an academic advisor to select courses at the host university and complete the Course Approval Form provided on the online application. UMKC will use this form to facilitate the transfer of credit onto your academic program.

You are responsible for requesting an original transcript to be sent to our office from the institution you attend. Once we receive the transcript, we will assist your academic advisor to determine comparable grades, academic credit and UMKC course equivalencies.

Language Requirements

Coursework in English

You can study in a country where English is the local language. In addition, many programs in non-English speaking countries offer coursework in English. You may be required to take one host country language course.

Coursework in another language

Many programs offer courses for program participants that are designed to be appropriate for the student’s level of language competency. Students who take regular classes in a foreign language alongside local students should expect a challenging academic environment and should be prepared to put forth extra effort in overcoming the language barrier.