The most common types of accommodation arranged for Study Abroad students are residence hall-type housing, homestays and private apartments or rooms.

Types of Housing 

Housing options vary by program and should be taken into consideration when selecting your program. The number of students per room, internet access, kitchen facilities and the method of laundry varies within each housing option and by program chosen.


A popular option for becoming immersed in the culture and community as well as practicing the language of the host country.

On-campus housing

Similar to residence halls in the United States, this type of housing is located on or near the host university, or accessible by public transit. Some on-campus housing options may include a meal plan for an additional fee.

Student residence

Located off campus and not affiliated with a university. Most residents are students.


Provides more independence and a unique living environment. It can be difficult and time-consuming to find an apartment abroad, but some locations make it easy.


Offers more privacy, depending on what type of room you are in or how many people you are staying with. You may get fresh linens and towels every day. Some hotels include breakfast or other amenities such as a pool or gym in the cost.


Many hostels cost between $15-30 per bed, per night, but they have staff around the clock and are a great way to meet other travelers.