Identity Resources

Research and review diversity and identity resources before you choose your program so you can make preparations for any potential challenges.

Identity Resources for International Travel

It is important to research countries where you will live and visit while abroad to assess cultural differences and sensitivities. Additionally, students who are not naturalized U.S. citizens should research legal and financial considerations before making the decision to study abroad.

As you explore your Study Abroad program options, you’ll want to consider aspects of your identity and how these may be perceived and treated in the cultures in which you’ll be spending time.


  • LGBTQIA students may find that some cultures are more accepting, whereas others can be dangerous for free sexual or gender expression
  • Women may face starkly different gender norms, either more egalitarian or more discriminatory, when traveling abroad
  • Some students may face more overt discrimination abroad, even in places where they may least expect it
  • Students with disabilities may find that other countries are not equipped — physically or psychologically — to accommodate them


African-American students

Asian- and Pacific Islander-American students

Hispanic/Latino students

LGBTQIA+ students

Native American students

Students with disabilities