General Billing Info

Fall term charges will begin to calculate on Pathway in July and students can see their balances at that time in TouchNet.  Around July 25, the July statements will be ready to view.   Spring term will calculate in December and statements will be ready to view around December 25.   Summer term will begin to calculate in  May with statements ready to view around May 25. 

Students will receive a statement notification email when the statement is ready to view.   The charges on that statement will reflect any charges on the account up to the billing date.   Other charges can add at any time during the semester and appear on later statements.  We will bill you monthly beginning in July (for Fall semester). The statement will indicate your balance, the minimum payment due and when it is due.  Spring semester charges will begin to appear on the December billing and Summer semester charges will begin to appear on the May billing.

Cashiers Office information is at  You can click through the links to view info on policies and procedures, how billing works, payment due dates, finance and late charges, how to make payments, tutorials for using TouchNet, etc.  You can contact us regarding any specific questions you have about billing or cashiering. 

It is important that you read and understand the Statement of Financial Responsibility. A copy can be found at: You will acknowledge and accept the Statement of Financial Responsibiltiy when you enroll each semester in Pathway.  

Please review other Cashiers Office Policies and Procedures at:

If you have any questions, you can contact UMKC Central at or 816-235-6000 or contact the Cashiers Office at or 816-235-1365.  Our website is:  If our office can’t answer your question we can direct you to the office that can.



Email is the official communication method for the University.  Students need to regularly monitor their UMKC issued email account.  Students can contact the Cashiers Office to request a mailed paper monthly statement. It is the responsibility of the student to keep their address, phone, and alternate email addresses up to date using the Personal Information section of Pathway.


Monthly Statements 

Students will receive an email notification each month when their statement is ready to view.  The billing date is approximately the 25th of the month with a due date of the 20th of the next month.  The email notification is not the statement.  It is important to log into TouchNet and view the actual statement, the amount stated on the email notification may not be accurate in all situations.

The statement will show current balance, adjusted amount due balance, minimum payment, and due date.  The statement will also show any prior balance, new charges, payments, disbursed aid, and anticipated aid. All previous statements are available to view in TouchNet.

Anticipated aid is aid the student may be eligible for or has been awarded, but the aid has not disbursed yet.  In most cases some type of action is required on the part of the student before anticipated aid will be disbursed.  Please contact UMKC Central or the UMKC Financial Aid & Scholarships Office with any questions about anticipated aid status and requirements.


Payment Due Dates

Payment is due in full on the first due date of each semester or immediately after enrolling if a student enrolls after the first due date of the semester.  If the student is unable to pay in full they have the option of paying in four installments during the semester.  The installment due dates for the Fall semester are 08/20, 09/20, 10/20 and 11/20.  Spring semester due dates are 01/20, 02/20, 03/20, and 04/20.  Summer semester due dates are 06/20 and 07/20.  Students will automatically default into the installment plan if they don’t pay their balance in full.

Balances should be paid in full whenever possible. Students always have the option of paying more than the minimum payment on the statement.  To avoid the assessment of a 1% monthly finance charge students must pay their balance in full (not the minimum payment) each month.  A $25.00 monthly late fee is also assessed if no payment is received during the billing cycle.


Payment Methods

  • For Students: Online via TouchNet- e-check or credit card (a transaction fee applies on any card payment). Instructions at
  • For TouchNet Authorized Users: Online at e-check or credit card (a transaction fee applies on any card payment).
  • Guest Pay: credit card only (a transaction fee applies on any card payment).
  • In person: Personal check, cash, cashier check or money order. Please check-in at UMKC Central, Admin Center, Room 120 UMKC Central, 5115 Oak Street.  For your security, carrying large amounts of cash is not advised.  
  • Mail: Check, cashier check or money order to: UMKC Cashiers Office, AC 112, 5000 Holmes St., Kansas City, MO 64110.  Mailed payment should be made payable to UMKC and include either your eight digit UMKC ID # or your SSN.
  • 529 College savings plan: Mail check to: UMKC Cashiers Office, AC 112, 5000 Holmes St., Kansas City, MO 64110 with student ID number. Contact your college savings plan if they allow electronic payment.  Submit electronic payment with student ID number.  Your plan may charge a transaction fee for electronic payment.
  • International payments: Online via TransferMate in TouchNet. Instructions at
  • 3rd party payments/employer sponsored payments: Please contact our office at for information.


Third Party Access

For parent/guardian/third party access, the student must complete Additional Authorized Access and/or FERPA Permission in Pathway.

 Additional Authorized Access (AAA) allows a 3rd party to view account information in Pathway (online). 

FERPA permission allows a 3rd party to verbally (phone, in-person) access account information.  For more info:

The student may also set up access to online payment or billing notification for any third party in the TouchNet payment system.  Instructions are available at:

TouchNet Authorized Users can sign in at


Setting up Direct Deposit for Refund Processing

Students can set up direct deposit for quicker processing of aid refunds.  It is the responsibility of the student to setup, monitor, and update their direct deposit information.  Instructions are available online at:


Student Charge

For convenience, students can charge from the Bookstore, One Card Office, Parking, and the Health and Wellness Center.  The student charge is not an “allowance.”  Any items charged to the student account will need to be paid by the student.  These charges will appear on the student’s monthly statement.  It is important to remember that charges do not post to the student account in real time.  Charges may post after aid has been applied and overage refunded.  It is student’s responsibility to review statements each month and make any payments due to avoid late charges, finance charges and holds. If account is delinquent or has a prior term balance a charging hold may be added and the charging privilege discontinued. 


Hold Indicators

Various Cashiers Office holds can appear on the account. Student can view holds in Pathway.  Not all holds negatively affect the account.  Holds may also be applied from other departments and students will need to refer to those departments to clear those holds or get info about them.  If there is any outstanding balance, then a hold will be added to prevent the release of transcripts.


International Students

Please review the following pages for important information:

Cashiers Office FAQ for International Students go to:

International Payments go to: