General Billing Information for New and Existing Students

Fall term charges will begin to calculate on Pathway by mid July and students can see their balances at that time in TouchNet.  Around July 17, the July statements will be ready to view.   Spring term will calculate by mid December and statements will be ready to view by December 17.   Summer term will begin to calculate by mid May with statements ready to view by May 17. 

Students will receive a statement notification email when the statement is ready to view.   The charges on that statement will reflect any charges on the account up to the billing date.   Other charges can add at any time during the semester and appear on later statements.  We will bill you monthly beginning in July (for Fall semester). The statement will indicate your balance, the minimum payment due and when it is due.  Spring semester charges will begin to appear on the December billing and Summer semester charges will begin to appear on the May billing.

Cashiers Office information is at  You can click through the links to view info on policies and procedures, how billing works, payment due dates, finance and late charges, how to make payments, tutorials for using TouchNet, etc.  You can contact us regarding any specific questions you have about billing or cashiering. 

 Some basics to know from the Cashiers Office:

  • It is important that you read and understand the Statement of Financial Responsiblility.  A copy can be found at
  • Communications are sent by email to the student and students should check their UMKC email frequently.
  • Statement notification emails are sent monthly to the student informing them to look at their statement. Instructions at  Scroll down to TouchNet Tutorials and click on Follow the steps to make a payment (pdf).   Once in TouchNet click on View Statement to view your statements.
  • The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office typically begins disbursing financial aid the week before school starts. Students will receive an email as their aid disburses.  If there is any overage after disbursement then that is sent to the student by direct deposit or a check through the mail depending on how the student has set up receipt of refunds.  Students can set up direct deposit online for any refunds.  Instructions online at Scroll down to TouchNet Tutorials and click on Read about setting up  direct deposit (pdf).
  • Payment due dates for Fall term balances are 8/10, 9/10, 10/10 and 11/10. Spring term balances 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 and 4/10. Summer term balances 6/10 and 7/10.  Payment due date info at
  • Keep in mind that if your financial aid does not cover your entire balance then you will have a payment due to UMKC according to the due date schedule listed above.   If you will not be able to meet the above due date obligation on any debt owed to UMKC then we suggest you contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office about obtaining a Private Student Loan to cover the rest of your cost of attendance.  You may be able to get better payment terms in regards to payment amount, length of time to repay and a lower annual finance charge with a loan than paying directly to UMKC.
  • A late charge of $25.00 is assessed if payment is due and not made by the due date.
  • A 1% finance charge assesses on any balance carried over to the next billing period.
  • Payments can be made via TouchNet by check or credit card, at the guest payer site by credit card, or by mail (check, cashiers check or money order). A transaction fee applies to credit and debit card payments. Info at  Paying online through TouchNet is the quickest way to post a payment to your student account.     
  • Students can add FERPA access and additional authorized access to Pathway to 3rd parties at
  • Students can add authorized access to TouchNet to 3rd parties to view statements and make payments online. Info at  Scroll down to TouchNet Tutorials and click on Learn how to add authorized users (pdf). 
  • Students can charge items from the bookstore, One Card Office, Parking and the Health and Wellness Center, etc.  Items charged will appear on a future statement with the amount and due date.
  • Various Cashiers Office holds can appear on the account. Student can view holds in Pathway.  Not all holds negatively affect the account.  Holds may also be applied from other departments and students will need to refer to those departments to clear those holds or get info about them.  If there is any outstanding balance, then a hold will be added to prevent the release of transcripts.


Please contact us if you have any other questions.