Student Life Fee

The Student Life fee is assessed per semester to all students in a traditional degree program, in which courses are primarily scheduled in a classroom with online and blended courses offered as an option.  A traditional degree program that switches to an online format due to circumstances out of the university's control is still considered a traditional degree program. This fee is mandatory and cannot be waived.  

  • Up to 6.99 credit hours: $336.00
  • 7 to 12.99 credit hours: $714.00
  • 13 or more credit hours: $810.60

The Student Life Fee funds these programs and services:

  • Roo Wellness
  • University Libraries
  • Maintenance and operational support of campus facilities
  • Free access to campus transportation shuttles
  • Intercollegiate athletics 
  • Campus recreation
  • Special events and entertainment
  • Student clubs and organizations

Graduate Program Fees

Program fees fund additional instruction, labs and materials used in courses in your academic program.

All program fees assessed per credit hour:

Henry W. Bloch School of Management

  • Business: $120.50
  • Public administration: $48.00


  • Graduate and professional programs: $73.70

School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences

  • Counseling psychology: $46.40
  • Social work field education: $50.00
  • Education: $21.25

School of Law

  • Bar preparation: $10.00
  • Technology: $11.00

School of Medicine

  • Years 1-2 (medical simulation): $210.30
  • Years 3-6 (anesthesia and physician assistant medical simulation): $334.20

School of Nursing and Health Studies

  • Clinical fee: $285.00 (applicable only to credit hours listed as clinical hours)
  • Simulation course: $81.50

School of Science and Engineering

  • Engineering and computer science: $114.65

Other Fees

Auditing a class 

The fee replaces tuition

  • Undergraduate course: $391.65 per class
  • Graduate course: $512.40 per class 
  • Professional course: Contact the program

Online course

  • $56.80 per credit hour (Missouri Online)

Late registration

  • $250.00 per semester

International students

  • International student services: $100.00 (Fall/Spring), $50.00 (Summer)
  • International Student Orientation: $50.00 (per semester student does not attend Orientation)
  • International student insurance:
    • Fall: $1,125.00
    • Spring and Summer: $1,560.00