Affording college is challenging. Paying your bill should be simple. That's why we've made it possible to complete many transactions electronically.

Billing Information

Electronic billing is the official method for billing all enrolled students. Students agree to electronic statements the first time they enroll in courses.

Billing statements are updated monthly. Students are notified at their UMKC email address when the statement is available for viewing. Bills will be emailed only to the UMKC email address on file and the email address of any authorized users. You will not receive a paper bill unless you request one.

Electronic billing statements can be viewed from Pathway. Instructions on accessing invoices in Pathway are included in the email notification.

If you register for classes on or after the first billing date for the semester, you will not receive a billing statement before the first payment for the semester is due. Please make the initial payment on Pathway by the due date for the semester.


Fall term charges will begin to calculate on Pathway by mid July and students can see their balances at that time in TouchNet.  Around July 27 the July statements will be ready to view.   Spring term will calculate by mid December and statements will be ready to view by December 27.   Summer term will begin to calculate by mid May with statements ready to view by May 27. 

Students will receive a statement notification email when the statement is ready to view.   The charges on that statement will reflect any charges on the account up to the billing date.   Other charges can add at any time during the semester and appear on later statements.  We will bill you monthly beginning in July (for Fall semester). The statement will indicate your balance, the minimum payment due and when it is due.  Spring semester charges will begin to appear on the December billing and Summer semester charges will begin to appear on the May billing.

Cashiers Office information is at  You can click through the links to view info on policies and procedures, how billing works, payment due dates, finance and late charges, how to make payments, tutorials for using TouchNet, etc.  You can contact us regarding any specific questions you have about billing or cashiering. 

 Some basics to know from the Cashiers Office:

  • It is important that you read and understand the Statement of Financial Responsiblility.  A copy can be found at
  • Communications are sent by email to the student and students should check their UMKC email frequently.
  • Statement notification emails are sent monthly to the student informing them to look at their statement. Instructions at  Scroll down to TouchNet Tutorials and click on Follow the steps to make a payment (pdf).   Once in TouchNet click on View Statement to view your statements.
  • The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office typically begins disbursing financial aid the week before school starts. Students will receive an email as their aid disburses.  If there is any overage after disbursement then that is sent to the student by direct deposit or a check through the mail depending on how the student has set up receipt of refunds.  Students can set up direct deposit online for any refunds.  Instructions online at Scroll down to TouchNet Tutorials and click on Read about setting up  direct deposit (pdf).
  • Payment due dates for Fall term balances are 8/20, 9/20, 10/20 and 11/20. Spring term balances 1/20, 2/20, 3/20 and 4/20. Summer term balances 6/20 and 7/20.  Payment due date info at
  • Keep in mind that if your financial aid does not cover your entire balance then you will have a payment due to UMKC according to the due date schedule listed above.   If you will not be able to meet the above due date obligation on any debt owed to UMKC then we suggest you contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office about obtaining a Private Student Loan to cover the rest of your cost of attendance.  You may be able to get better payment terms in regards to payment amount, length of time to repay and a lower annual finance charge with a loan than paying directly to UMKC.
  • A late charge of $25.00 is assessed if payment is due and not made by the due date.
  • A 1% finance charge assesses on any balance carried over to the next billing period.
  • Payments can be made via TouchNet by check or credit card, at the guest payer site by credit card, or by mail (check, cashiers check or money order). A transaction fee applies to credit and debit card payments. Info at  Paying online through TouchNet is the quickest way to post a payment to your student account.     
  • Students can add FERPA access and additional authorized access to Pathway to 3rd parties at
  • Students can add authorized access to TouchNet to 3rd parties to view statements and make payments online. Info at  Scroll down to TouchNet Tutorials and click on Learn how to add authorized users (pdf). 
  • Students can charge items from the bookstore, One Card Office, Parking and the Health and Wellness Center, etc.  Items charged will appear on a future statement with the amount and due date.
  • Various Cashiers Office holds can appear on the account. Student can view holds in Pathway.  Not all holds negatively affect the account.  Holds may also be applied from other departments and students will need to refer to those departments to clear those holds or get info about them.  If there is any outstanding balance, then a hold will be added to prevent the release of transcripts.


Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Students will need to sign into Pathway and navigate to TouchNet in order to view their statement and other information.    

  • Log into Pathway
  • Click on Financial Account tile
  • Click on Log into TouchNet

TouchNet Authorized Users can click here to access TouchNet.

View sample bill (PDF)

  1. Balance from last statement - The account balance from your most recent monthly billing statement
  2. Other charges - Charges and credits from other campus departments such as the University Bookstore, ID card charges and Parking
  3. Finance charge - Applied to the unpaid adjusted amount due from your last monthly billing statement. It is calculated monthly by taking the last adjusted amount due, subtracting any credits.
  4. Late payment fee - An additional $25 if at least the minimum payment is not received by the due date
  5. Payments and credits - Payments on your student account made by you or by someone else on your behalf, as well as credits applied since your last monthly billing statement. These may take the form of refunded deposits or financial aid that was paid.
  6. Refunds - Any credit balance paid from your account since the last monthly billing statement
  7. Anticipated aid - Financial aid which was awarded but has not yet been applied
  8. Account balance - The total amount due on your student account for this billing period. Any anticipated financial aid is reflected in your adjusted amount due.
  9. Adjusted amount due - the account balance minus any anticipated aid. If you elect to take advantage of the monthly payment plan, any unpaid adjusted amount due will be subject to a monthly 1% finance charge.
  10. Minimum payment - The total amount of current term charges due on your account, divided by the number of installments remaining in this term. A 1% finance charge will be applied to the unpaid adjusted amount due. The minimum payment amount also includes any past term balance and other charges that are due in full.
  11. Message codes - Messages found in the “Important Messages” section at the bottom of the statement

A $25 late fee will be added to your student account if a payment is not received by the monthly billing statement's due date.

If you are past due you may also be subject to holds, including enrollment holds, transcript and diploma holds, loss of student charge privileges and denial of access to the Swinney Center. 

The University assesses a 1% monthly finance charge on the unpaid portion of the total billed balance. You can avoid the finance charge by paying the total balance each month.

It is the student’s responsibility to keep your contact information up to date. Update your contact information in Pathway or submit an information change form to the Office of the Registrar.

UMKC takes fraud and identity theft seriously and investigates claims in a timely fashion. As soon as you become aware of an issue, you may report a claim, which will be reviewed by the UMKC Fraud and Identity Theft Committee. You may expect a written response to your claim within six weeks.

Report fraud or identity theft (PDF)

You may email your request for paper statements from your UMKC email address, fax it along with a copy of a photo ID to 816-235-5510 or mail it to our office. 

UMKC Cashiers Office
Administrative Center 112
5000 Holmes Street
Kansas City, MO 64110
You may also bring in a request in person. 

The Cashiers Office is responsible for billing all university charges, including, but not limited to, tuition and fees, housing, meal plans, bookstore, recreation center, Roo Wellness and parking. The Cashiers Office is also responsible for collecting payments for these charges. The Cashiers Office does not waive, remove or forgive charges.

Students who wish to petition or appeal any balance may follow these instructions.

Learn more about appealing academic fees and charges

Academic fee petitions must be filed within 30 days of the end of the semester.

Learn more about appealing parking violations

Appeals for other account charges need to be directed to the university office that initiated the charge. The appeal is subject to that office’s policy and procedures.

Students with a balance under appeal are expected to continue making minimum payments toward their balance. Balances under appeal are still subject to late fees and finance charges during the petition process. Balances under appeal my also result in enrollment holds. Should a petition be granted any over-payment will be refunded and the associated late fees and finance charges waived.

  • Log into Pathway
  • Click on Financial Account tile
  • Click on Paid Fees Letter
  • Select Term and an official receipt will be generated


If it has been a while since you logged in, you can contact Information Services for help in getting your password reset at 816 235 2000, or submit a request for assistance online at

If you are unable to access the online system, you can request this document in person with a photo ID or by sending a written request, including a legible copy of a photo ID by fax or mail.

There is up to a 24-hour turnaround on any official receipts requested at the Cashiers Office for the current year. For previous years' receipts, approximately two weeks is needed for the information to be researched and the receipts to be handwritten.

1098-T statements for the prior year are ready to view online by January 31.

Current and former students can still access their student account to obtain a 1098-T even if they are not currently enrolled.  

If you've forgotten your Pathway/TouchNet login information you can reset your password.  There is an option to reset the password on the Pathway login page.   If you need additional help you can contact UMKC Information Services at 816/235-2000 or  You can also submit a request for assistance online at:

1098-T forms for 2019 to the most recent tax year

  • Log into Pathway at
  • Click on Financial Account tile
  • Click on Tax Information
  • Click on Proceed to TouchNet and authenticate into that system. (Former students who are not able to navigate from Pathway to TouchNet can contact Information Services about applying the authentication workaround) 
  • A link to your latest bill and 1098-T Tax statement will appear in the middle of the homepage
  • Click on View Statements and then click on 1098-T Tax Statements
  • Click View for the year you wish to view

1098-T forms for years 2018 and prior

  • Log into Pathway at
  • Click on Financial Account tile
  • Click on Tax Information and your 2018 and prior 1098-T summaries will display
  • In order to print a prior year 1098-T, click on View 1098-T and a PDF will open

Since the 1098-T is only available online, don't forget to consent to receive your 1098-T electronically so that you can retrieve it as soon as it becomes available.  

In order to activate E-Print, log in to Pathway click on Financial Account and then Tax Information. Select the second tab at the top of the page, entitled "E-Print". Make sure that the 1098T E-Print box is checked and select "Save."

For assistance in accessing your student account or to reset your password, visit UMKC Information Services.  They can be reached at 816-235-2000 or

Former students who are not able to navigate from Pathway to TouchNet can contact Information Services about applying the authentication workaround. 

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, tax law requires all educational institutions to report payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) in Box 1 of the Form 1098-T. Because of this, the amount listed on your 1098-T may not represent the amount you actually paid.  Scholarships and grants awarded will continue to be shown in Box 5.  

Please visit the IRS website for more information regarding how to use this form in conunctiion with receipts to deteremine what credits you may be eligible for.  

The Cashiers Office cannot provide tax filing assistance or advice.